Chinese Investments in Africa: A Labour Perspective

Chinese Investments in Africa: A Labour Perspective
Anthony Yaw Baah and Herbert Jauch (ed.)
African Labour Research Network, May 2009

This study examines some of China's main investments in Africa, including the nature of investment, the sectors in which Chinese companies operate the economic impact of the investments as well as labour relations and working conditions. The following aspects received particular attention: 
  • Are the trade and investment deals mutually beneficial ("South-South Cooperation") or are they merely a new form of "neo-colonialism"?
  • Will the China-Africa deals pave the way for increasing beneficiation and industrialisation in Africa or will the continent remain a supplier of raw materials?
  • Are labour relations and working conditions at Chinese enterprises better or worse than elsewhere in the country/industry? What are workers' and trade unions' experiences thus far? Which possibilities exist for union intervention?
  • Are Chinese consumer goods ("China Shops") replacing established African traders or are they complementary to each other?

Chapter 1: An introduction to Chinese-African relations  (Thulani Guliwe)

Chapter 2: Chinese investments in Africa  (Anthony Yaw Baah and Herbert Jauch)
2.1 Chinese investments and trade patterns
2.2 Working conditions and labour relations in China (Apo Leong)
2.3 Working conditions and labour relations at Chinese companies in Africa
2.4 Possibilities for trade union intervention
2.5 Conclusion

Chapter 3: Country Case studies
3.1 Chinese investments in Ghana (Anthony Yaw Baah, Kwabena Nyarko Otoo and Edward Fokuoh Ampratwurm)
3.2 Chinese investments in Botswana (Trywell Kalusopa)
3.3 Chinese investments in Zambia (Austin C Muneku)
3.4 Chinese investments in Namibia (Herbert Jauch and Iipumbu Sakaria)
3.5 Chinese investments in Zimbabwe (Naome Chakanya and Nyasha Muchichwa)
3.6 Chinese investments in Malawi (Paliani Chinguwo)
3.7 Chinese investments in South Africa (Thulani Guliwe and Skhumbuzo Mkhonta)
3.8 Chinese investments in Nigeria (Evelyn Atomre, Joel Odigie, James Eustace and Wilson Onemolease)
3.9 Chinese investments in Angola (Vete Willy Emmanuel)
3.10 Chinese investments in Kenya (Jane Masta)

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