How do Chinese Contractors Perform in Africa?

How do Chinese Contractors Perform in Africa? Evidence from World Bank Project 
Jamie Farrell
CARI Working Paper, n° 3, février 2016

Cette étude mérite d'être lue (ou relue) car elle lève des doutes sur la qualité potentielle des travaux des entreprises chinoises du BTP. Ceci étant dit, cette étude se limite à des chantiers entrepris sous l'égide de la Banque mondiale dont éventuellement le suivi pourrait être mieux assuré. Les principales conclusions sont les suivantes :

The major finding of this study is that, on average, Chinese firms and OECD country firms produced work of similar quality on World Bank contracts in the African transportation sector won between 2000 and 2007 and completed by 2013. The difference in average scores for Chinese firms and OECD country firms was not statistically significant either when individual contract scores were weighted equally, or when each contract was weighted by its monetary value. Both the Chinese and the OECD country average scores represent a rating between moderately satisfactory ( 4) and satisfactory (s).

In addition, the majority of Chinese contracts were won by a small number of firms: seven Chinese firms won over three-quarters of the 96 transportation contracts in Africa between 2000 and 2007. Contracts with OECD countries have been dispersed far more widely among European firms, although French construction firms won 45 percent of the OECD contracts that were analyzed as part of this study.

Finally, for the contracts analyzed within the scope of this study, Chinese scores were more volatile than OECD country scores, and World Bank Reports noted environmental and social problems caused by Chinese firms in only two out of the 72 contracts analyzed.

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