How Huawei Succeeds in Africa: Training and Knowledge Transfers in Kenya and Nigeria

How Huawei Succeeds in Africa: Training and Knowledge Transfers in Kenya and Nigeria
Henry Tugendhat
CARI Working Paper & Policy Brief, mars 2020

This paper traces knowledge transfers related to Huawei’s investments in Africa. It does so by comparing Huawei’s activities in Kenya and Nigeria, and by comparing Huawei’s training practices with its main telecommunications competitors in the Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) sector. This paper argues that Huawei, like its competitors, treads a fine balance between training local engineers and keeping control of its intellectual property. Nevertheless, knowledge transfers have occurred, and new business opportunities, that stand as both a complement and a threat to Huawei’s future profits, have arisen in the region. This paper is based on fieldwork conducted in Kenya and Nigeria in June and July of 2018.

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