(In)roads and outposts Critical Infrastructure in China’s Africa Strategy
Nadège Rolland, (ed.)
NBR Special Report #98, mai 2022

The two-year research project “Into Africa: China’s Emerging Strategy” was launched by the National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) in early 2021. The present study, “(In)Roads and Outposts: Critical Infrastructure in China’s Africa Strategy,” is the second report of a series that began with the publication of “A New Great Game? Situating Africa in China’s Strategic Thinking” in June 2021. It will be followed by a third report, “Political Front Lines: China’s Pursuit of Influence in Africa.”

Although the project seeks to better understand China’s perspectives, motives, aspirations, and strategy for Africa in the context of Beijing’s newfound global vision, it does not presuppose a lack of African agency. The July 2022 issue of NBR’s Asia Policy journal will publish a roundtable of essays written by African experts who offer contrasting perspectives on how African actors perceive and respond to China’s presence on the continent.

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  • Introduction
    Nadège Rolland
  • China’s Ports in Africa
    Isaac Kardon
  • African Railway Ambitions Meet China’s Belt and Road
    Yunnan Chen
  • Chinese Telecommunications Giants and Africa’s Emerging Digital Infrastructure
    Daria Impiombato
  • China Electrifies Africa
    Erica Downs
  • Industrial Parks in Africa: Building Nests for the Chinese Phoenix
    Thierry Pairault