Why Zambia’s debt restructuring is a critical test for China
Kate Marino
Axios, 10 avril 2023

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Zambia rejects China’s call for World Bank to join its debt restructuring
Joseph Cotterill
Financial Times, 13 février 2023

Zambia’s New IMF Deal Shifts China to the Backseat
Jade Scarfe
The Diplomat, 8 septembre 2022

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Zambia to cancel over $2 bln in loans to address debt woes
Reuters, 30 juillet 2022

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Deux références à propos de populisme en Afrique et de sentiments anti-chinois

Development Finance and Distributive Politics: Comparing Chinese and World Bank Finance in sub-Saharan Africa
Keyi Tang
CARI Working Paper & Policy Brief,  mai 2021

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Docu télé : cette Afrique qui a mal à sa Chine
Malick Diawara,
Le Point Arique, 28 mars 2021

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La Zambie, ses dettes et la Chine

China Development Bank Defers Debt Service
Ministry of Finance, 27 octobre 2020

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Zambia resists Chinese pressure on arrears
Joseph Cotterill, Jonathan Wheatley et Tommy Stubbington
Financial Times, 13 octobre 2020

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Gestion de la dette : à la suite des créanciers européens, la Zambie s'oppose à la Chine
Idriss Linge
Agence EcoFin, 14 octobre2020

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African Military Aircraft Procurement from China: A Case Study from Zambia
Jyhjong Hwang
CARI Working Paper & Policy Brief, mai 2020

Zambia’s borrowing economy
Jean-Christophe Servant
Le Monde diplomatique, 2 décembre 2019

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China-Africa: Copperbelt key to the race for the 21st century
Patrick Smith
The Africa Report, 16 septembre 2019

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Disasters While Digging: Rates of Violence Against Mine Workers in Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, and Zambia
Christian Freymeyer
CARI Policy Brief, 2019, n° 37

Moving Goods in Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia: The Scaffolding of Stability in TAZARA’s Dry Port
Jamie Monson
Comparativ | Zeitschrift für Globalgeschichte und vergleichende Gesellschaftsforschung 25 (2015) Heft 4, S. 87–101.

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China in Africa: The Zambia experience
Abu-Bakarr Jalloh, Fang Wan
Deutsche Welle, 9 avril 2019

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Kenyan lawyer and Pan-Africanist denied entry into Zambia over China-Africa lecture
Mildred Europa Taylor,
Face2Face Africa, 30 septembre 2018

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