Political Front Lines China's Pursuit of Influence in Africa
Nadège Rolland (ed.)
NBR Special Report, n° 98, juin 2022

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This report examines the understudied field of China’s political influence activities in Africa and describes the united front system’s attempts to manage overseas Chinese communities, co-opt African elites, and shape the perception of wider African audiences.

Political Front Lines: China’s Pursuit of Influence in Africa (Introduction)
Nadège Rolland
United Front Work and Political Influence Operations in Sub-Saharan Africa
Mareike Ohlberg
Party-to-Party Relations and Political Training
Jean-Pierre Cabestan
China’s Growing Police and Law-Enforcement Cooperation in Africa
Paul Nantulya
China in Africa’s Media: A Case Study of Ghana
Emmanuel K. Dogbevi
Elite Relationships: Drivers of China’s Influence in East Africa
Adam George