Tontine Fibres (Australie)

Cette entreprise est aujourd'hui une filiale du groupe australien United Bonded Fabrics (UBF) qui dispose de deux marques sous le label « Tontine » : Tontine Fibres  et Tontines Insulation . Voici comment est rapportée leur histoire :

Tontine Fibres finds its origins dating back to the 1870’s with one of Victoria’s original rag merchants, David Galt, who manufactured flock, soft bedding and other similar products.

Following rapid expansion in the first half of the twentieth century and an ever increasing product line, David Galt Industries was sold to Felt &Textiles, who also owned H.A. King & Co. By the end of the 1980’s David Galt Industries had changed its name to Tontine Industries.

Over the course of the next decade Tontine Industries was owned by a number of different companies, including Pacific Dunlop Limited, before being acquired in 2003 by United Bonded Fabrics Pty Ltd. (UBF).The use of recycled polyester fibre was pioneered by Tontine in the early 1990’s.

UBF has continued to maintain the same integrity and quality production synonymous with the Tontine name. We continue to be Australia’s largest non-woven manufacturer, utilising state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing processes to meet our customers’ ever-growing needs.